Skate Park City for Sony PSP

Skate Park City for PlayStation Portable® is the successful sequel to Skate Attack. Now you can enjoy Skate Park City everywhere you go.


Platform PSP
Release date Q2/2008
Publisher Midas


"Skateboard sim meets Jump 'n' Run!": The despotic Lord Virus challenges you one more time to play his games in order to free your buddy.

5 huge single player levels with about 100 missions:

  • Old Downtown
  • Skate Hall
  • Waste Factory
  • The Base
  • Rooftops
new splitscreen multiplayer mode:
  • play with up to 4 friends
  • coop-player mode
choose between 10 crazy multiplayer competitions:
  • Beat 'em up
  • Boost Drone Race
  • Catch Fireflies
  • Checkpoint Race
  • Combo King
  • Crash Time
  • Death Match
  • Freeplay
  • Shopping,
  • Trick DJ
10 Multiplayer Levels:
  • Battle Arena
  • Tunnelmaze,
  • Skywalk Mania
  • Sundeck
  • Roof RaceLand
  • Sunken Base,
  • Generator
  • Swamps Center
  • Market Place
  • Train Station